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Human rights activists call on law enforcers to stop pressure on deputies

The Committee for the Protection of Human Rights made a statement on the fact that parliament members Zhanar Akayev, Ryskeldi Mombekov, Emil Toktoshev, Mirlan Zheenchoroev were summoned for questioning by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In the opinion of the committee members, this should be regarded as pressure from the law enforcement agencies on the legislative branch of government.

«To be more exact, on those deputies who have an opinion opposite to the current government about the situation in the country and, in particular, about the hasty revision of the Constitution, the date of parliamentary and presidential elections,» the organization said in a statement.

Earlier, the wife of a deputy Emil Toktoshev, Rysgul Akimzhanova, posted on Facebook a photo of the summons brought to her husband. He was summoned to the law enforcement agencies as a witness, allegedly on the events on October 5-6 in Bishkek.

Ryskeldi Mombekov also received a summons.

Earlier, MPs Mirlan Zheenchoroev and Zhanar Akayev were also summoned to the Interior Ministry.