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COVID-19 death rate in October increases 16 times compared to September

The number of COVID-19 cases in October increased 4.4 times compared to September (12,209 versus 2,771) in Kyrgyzstan. The Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Control over Viral Infections reports.

The number of deaths increased 16.2 times (81 versus 5). The percentage of hospitalized people increased from 15.6 (at the beginning of September) to 43.1 (at the beginning of November), and the percentage of confirmed cases increased from 3.2 to 24.7.

An increase in the incidence since October was registered in regions with low community immunity.

The first stage of the study was carried out across the country from July to October 2020, during which the community immunity of the population to COVID-19 was studied.

A total of 4,691 people were examined, including 794 health workers. Most of the examined (1,800) were among 20 — 44 age group. At least 1,300 people were examined among 45-64-year-old citizens. In addition, 726 children under 9 and 575 children aged 10-19 were examined. At least 209 people were covered in above 65 age group.