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Artem Novikov: Tax bodies should be engaged in servicing entrepreneurs

«The tax bodies should be engaged in servicing entrepreneurs,» the First Deputy Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Artem Novikov said today at a meeting of the Council for Business Development and Investments.

According to him, the issue of prolonging the ban on field tax audits for 2021 is currently being considered. This issue will be resolved together with business and based on the capabilities of the state.

«We are also preparing specific proposals for restructuring the Tax Service into a service principle of operation. In addition, we need to resolve the issue of the passage of goods at Torugart checkpoint,» Artem Novikov said.

The head of the Association of Markets Damira Dolotalieva noted that the situation at Torugart was extremely difficult. Previously, up to 300 vehicles a day have been passed, but now — not more than five. She noted that the issue should be resolved as soon as possible.

«If the issue is not resolved in the coming days and the goods do not enter Kyrgyzstan within 20 days, then the fourth season will be disrupted. We will not be able to pay taxes and repay loans,» Damira Dolotalieva stressed.