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Businessmen, investors extremely concerned about safety of facilities and assets

Many entrepreneurs and investors are concerned about the safety and security of their facilities and assets. The Business Ombudsman of Kyrgyzstan, Robin Ord-Smith, stated.

He expressed deep concern over the wave of criminal activity that the business community has faced — attacks, robberies and looting.

Such actions violate the fundamental principles of the country’s laws, the rule of law, private property rights, and cause colossal damage to the economy and the international image of Kyrgyzstan.

Robin Ord-Smith

«These illegal actions cause not only significant short-term damage to business and the economy of the republic as a whole, but also have negative long-term consequences for business and the investment climate,» he said.

According to Robin Ord-Smith, businesses today are alarmed and not sure about the protection of their rights and property. «Failure to protect business and property rights will seriously affect the structure of investments. This will affect the country’s labor market, tax payments and the state budget,» he said.

The Business Ombudsman stressed that illegal activities and confusion will have a direct impact on the investment attractiveness of the Kyrgyz Republic.

«Potential investors are closely monitoring the situation in the state. Business has already suffered serious damage during the pandemic, and now it continues to suffer losses as a result of illegal actions of destructive forces. Business cannot afford further losses,» he added.

Robin Ord-Smith thanked the patriots and law enforcement agencies who have helped protect businesses and private property from looting in recent days. «Now I call on all parties to ensure the protection of business and property in order to maintain economic stability and future prosperity of the republic,» he concluded.