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Russia holds 1st in-person meeting of Intergovernmental Commission in Kyrgyzstan

The first meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission, which Russia holds in person, is held in Kyrgyzstan. The Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Aleksey Overchuk, stated at a regular meeting of the Intergovernmental Kyrgyz-Russian Commission on Trade, Economic, Scientific, Technical, Cultural and Humanitarian Cooperation.

«This underlines particular importance of the relationship between Kyrgyzstan and Russia. We are glad that today we are discussing issues of cooperation with our countries. Kyrgyzstan has always been different,» Aleksey Overchuk stressed.

In his turn, the Vice Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, Erkin Asrandiev, also noted that the meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission was the first in-person international event in Kyrgyzstan.

«This is symbolic and once again confirms that Russia is a strategic and reliable partner. In the morning, my colleague Aleksey Overchuk met with the President and the Prime Minister. During the meetings, we managed to discuss the most topical and important issues. We completed the work in a narrow format. By the way we moved on the schedule, you can judge how intense the conversation was,» Erkin Asrandiev said.

The meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission in narrow format lasted more than three hours.