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63 % of Kyrgyzstanis assess economic situation of their families as moderate

At least 63 percent of Kyrgyzstanis assess economic situation of their families as moderate. Such data are presented in a study by SIAR Research and Consulting, which was ordered by the Center for Insights in Survey Research of the International Republican Institute.

At least 1,223 Kyrgyzstanis were surveyed through mobile and landline telephones.

At least 9 percent of the participants of the sociological survey assessed the economic situation of their families as very good, 63 percent as moderate, 24 percent of the respondents said that it was bad, and 4 percent of the respondents said that the situation was very bad.

It is worth noting that, according to the study, more often the economic situation of their family was assessed as very bad by the residents of Osh region (9 percent). At the same time, the respondents in the southern capital itself are more satisfied with their economic situation than others, 20 percent of them called it very good, and the rest — rather moderate. But neither they, nor the residents of Batken region consider the economic situation of their family as very bad.

The study was funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The survey focused on economic and political issues, the upcoming elections and the fight against coronavirus.