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Kyrgyzstan fails to set price limits for medicines

The Drug Supply Department of Kyrgyzstan has failed to set limit retail and wholesale prices for medicines. Aisha Sulaimanova, head of the Pricing Monitoring Sector of the Drug Supply Department of the Ministry of Health, told today at a briefing.

A resolution was adopted in 2019 on approval of temporary rules for regulating the prices of medicines in Kyrgyzstan. The decision has entered into force in January 2020, the Drug Supply Department began preparatory work.

«But difficulties arose in the calculation process due to the pandemic, closure of borders, instability of one of the world currencies, and Kyrgyzstan is an import-dependent country. Today, 97-98 percent of the drugs are imported from near and far abroad. All this influenced the fact that we were not able to set prices,» Aisha Sulaimanova said.

In addition, she noted that initially the factor of possible fluctuations in the exchange rate was not taken into account. Therefore, the working group decided to make the necessary changes, a new version of the resolution was prepared. It is currently undergoing approval in the Government.

«It is at the final stage now. This resolution deals with the regulation of prices for drugs included in the directory of medicines reimbursed within the additional program of compulsory medical insurance and the program of state guarantees. There are some drugs that are used to treat coronavirus, but not all. Just two weeks ago, we have complied the list of drugs that are used to treat COVID-19, but this has no relation to the government’s decree on the temporary regulation of drug prices,» Aisha Sulaimanova said.