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Russia to spend 2.5 billion rubles on runway reconstruction at Kant airbase

Russia intends to spend 2.5 billion rubles on the repair of a runway at Kant airbase in Kyrgyzstan. The Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Defense Affairs, Nurseyit Kedeev, announced at a meeting of the Committee on International Affairs, Defense and Security of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan.

According to him, the agreement regulates three issues.

«This is a fee for rent of additional plots of land used by the military base. The amount of payment is $291,600. Russia will spend 2.5 billion rubles on reconstruction of the runway and other facilities,» Nurseyit Kedeev told.

The protocol on amending the agreement on the airbase has been adopted at the end of March 2019. However, it was submitted to the Parliament for ratification only on February 18, 2020.

Russia and Kyrgyzstan previously adopted a special protocol, in which all amendments to the current document are spelled out. In particular, amendments are being made to increase the territory of the airbase and allow use of unmanned aerial vehicles on it. The protocol also provides for an increase in the airbase rental payment to $ 4.7 million per year.