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Government of Kyrgyzstan announces number of coronavirus test systems

There are about 10,000 test systems for detection of coronavirus in Kyrgyzstan. Press service of the Government reported.

At least 1,545 people have been tested for coronavirus in a laboratory, all the results are negative. Repeated tests were taken from other 310 citizens, the results are also negative.

The government noted that the effectiveness of the test systems is 95-99 percent, the virus is detected during an incubation period by real-time PCR test. An average duration of a test is five hours. The test systems themselves are validated and recommended by WHO.

«Coronavirus tests are carried out in two laboratories of the Department of Disease Prevention and State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance. All laboratory specialists are trained in PCR test methods, as well as provided with high-precision modern equipment. Their readiness for laboratory tests was checked by WHO expert Maya Stanovich,» the government noted.

In addition, six more laboratories equipped with PCR equipment can carry out the tests. Four laboratories have been additionally prepared for mass admission. On average, one laboratory can carry out 150 tests per day.

The Cabinet added that reagents produced in Russia, Turkey and Germany are used to detect coronavirus. The other day, the Russian side handed over the next batch.