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Russian feminists hold rally in support of women's march in Bishkek

One-person pickets were held in front of the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Moscow in solidarity with the participants of the march of feminists in Bishkek. YouTube channel "Drugoe Mnenie«(Another Opinion) reports.

On the banners of the protesters says: «Investigate the attack on feminists in Bishkek» and «No to repression and legal attacks on women in Kyrgyzstan.»

«The police, instead of ensuring the safety of citizens, detained about 50-70 people. I came here as a feminist, activist, participant of an international initiative to express my solidarity and support the girls from Kyrgyzstan,» the protester said.

Banner of another feminist says «No to domestic and street violence against women.»

«On March 8, feminists, activists of Kyrgyzstan were attacked by nationalists and the police at the same time. Moreover, on the same day there was an attack on feminists in Moscow,» she said.

Recall, on March 8, Bishkek Feminist Initiatives organization planned to hold a march of solidarity. Activists began to gather on Victory Square in the capital. But the members of Kyrk Choro disrupted the rally, having organized provocations. Police officers arrived at the scene and detained participants of the peaceful march. About 50 people were taken to the police department. Participants received bruises and other injuries.