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Kyrgyzstan should have more young people in politics

Ninety percent of Kyrgyzstanis think that there should be more youth in politics. Results of a survey by the International Republican Institute (IRI) say.

So, 80 percent believe that there should be more youth than there are now. Compared to 2018, the indicator grew by 13 percent. Other 10 percent are sure that there should be as many young people as there are now.

At least 75 percent of respondents said that politicians and political parties do not hear the needs and ideas of the youth.

Those who advocate for larger youth share in politics were asked to explain their position. About 67 percent of them said that the youth was the country’s future. About 49 percent are sure that young people will bring new, fresh ideas, values ​​and opportunities that can lead to valuable reforms.

Other 45 percent of respondents stressed that more youth in politics would expand the rights and opportunities of the next generation to be more politically and socially active.

Other 40 percent called for a constant influx of new people into politics.

Those who opposed the idea also spoke out. The most popular (49 percent) was the answer that young people should pay tribute and grow, following the same path as the other leaders. About 25 percent said that the young people lack courage for politics. Other 10 percent are sure that the youth bring new ideas that break the existing order.

There were also answers that the youth is not strong enough to defend the interests of the voters (7 percent), they do not have financial resources (6 percent), and there are too many young people in politics (1 percent).

The International Republican Institute (IRI) conducted a traditional survey among Kyrgyzstanis. It involved 1,483 people from all over the country. The survey was conducted from November 21 to December 3, 2019.