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Residents of border areas: Armed Forces of Kyrgyzstan must be transferred to Osh

Residents of Kok-Tash village in Batken region of Kyrgyzstan ask to transfer units of the Armed Forces of Kyrgyzstan to Osh city. They announced it at a press conference today.

The villagers noted that during each border conflict their families were forced to flee, leaving their houses, livestock, property.

«We, the residents of Batken and Leilek, also want to live in peace and without fear that tomorrow someone will start firing in our direction. How long do we have to live in fear, how many times do we have to flee? We ask the country’s authorities to consider moving the Armed Forces of Kyrgyzstan closer to us for the sake of our safety,» said Zhorobai Baizakov.

According to other participants of the press conference, residents of border regions are ready for land exchange.

«We understand that the border section in our region is very complex. The houses are located close. It is difficult to carry out delimitation and demarcation, therefore, we are ready to exchange land plots,» the residents of Kok-Tash stressed.

The conflict occurred in Zhaka-Oruk area on the night of January 9. According to the State Border Service of Kyrgyzstan, citizens of Tajikistan threw stones at a car in Kocho-Karyn area. The car was moving from Batken to Kok-Tash village. The Tajiks stoned the house of a Kyrgyzstani in Dakhma area at about 2.40 am. Border guards, who, along with the police, were heading to the house of the citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic, were shot at from a hunting rifle from Tajikistan.

On January 11, residents of Kok-Tash village in Batken district blocked Osh — Batken — Isfana road. The situation was stabilized. According to the State Border Service, the situation at the epicenter is currently stable.