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Air pollution level rises after start of heating season in Bishkek

Air pollution level increased with the start of the heating season in Bishkek. The head of MoveGreen NGO Maria Kolesnikova told 24.kg news agency.

«As soon as the weather changed, air temperature dropped, people began to heat, smog became visible, and the sensors’ data went off scale. Usually, the air pollution level begins to rise in the evening and reaches a peak by 01.00, and then the indicators decline. But it happens that they are at a high level even on sunny days like today,» she said.

Maria Kolesnikova added that the environmental context could affect the readings of sensors.

«Recently, we installed a new sensor in the area of ​​Akhunbaev — Zhukeev-Pudovkin Streets, which records a high level of pollution. A volunteer noticed that the level had risen when construction work began nearby. There is dust from construction site,» she said.

Recall, the organization conducts civil monitoring of air quality in Bishkek, for which it installed sensors in different districts of the capital and tied them to a map. You can check PM2.5 particle level on it in real time.

  • According to the WHO norms, the average annual level of РМ2.5 should be not more than 10 µg / m³, and the average daily level should not exceed 25 µg / m³. According to the national legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, the norm is 35 µg / m³. A one-time allowable concentration, according to MoveGreen, set in the national legislation is 160 µg / m³.