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Electric buses for transportation of passengers to appear in Bishkek

It is more expedient to purchase electric buses for the municipality than to extend contact trolleybus lines. Head of the Trolleybus Department Arthur Omurzakov stated today at a regular session of the Bishkek City Council answering a question of the deputy Rysbai Amatov.

«I do not think that there is a need to extend the wire lines. We can extend them to Kolmo housing estate, we won’t need to build a substation there,» said Arthur Omurzakov.

He added that before purchase of electric buses it was better to purchase trolleybuses with increased autonomous travel.

«They have the same batteries. We will learn how to serve them, train specialists, and prepare a base for electric buses. They are expensive, we must first learn how to service them,» said Arthur Omurzakov.