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Ilim Karypbekov makes an appeal to Vladimir Putin

Former head of OTRK Ilim Karypbekov climbed the peak named after the Russian President Vladimir Putin and filmed an appeal to the Russian leader there. He posted the video on Instagram.

He explained 24.kg news agency meaning of his appeal. According to him, he asks the leader of the Russian Federation to contribute, moreover, purely symbolically, to the digitalization of any of the schools in Kyrgyzstan. Ilim Karypbekov is ready to take on all expenses. «I patronize three schools in different villages of the country. Moreover, I pay a scholarship to gifted students from my pocket. I ask the President of Russia not for financial assistance, but for support of digitalization of a school, in order I can say that Vladimir Putin supported it,» Ilim Karypbekov explained.

As for the watch, I broke my own when I climbed the peak. Therefore, I ask Putin to present me with engraved watch like a souvenir.

Ilim Karypbekov

He added that he did not insist on watches from world famous brands. He would have been quite happy with a Russian-made chronometer, but with a gift inscription.