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Kyrgyzstan states the need for clarity in international trade rules

Issue of improving transparency and clarity in regulation of conditions for labor activity of workers from the Kyrgyz Republic in the service sector in the territory of other member countries of the World Trade Organization (WTO) is of particular relevance for Kyrgyzstan. The Ministry of Economy of the republic reported.

A regular meeting of the Committee on Specific Commitments in Services, chaired by Kyrgyzstan, was held at the headquarters of the WTO in Geneva. The republic expressed the need for clarity and transparency in the international trade rules within the WTO, regulating labor relations in the service sector.

«The issues discussed at the committee were a continuation of the discussions started in March that concerned the need for WTO member states to improve understanding and making the system of application of tests for economic needs in the sphere of supply of services more transparent. In addition, an issue about the importance of providing a clear understanding by the countries and development of common definitions for certain categories of services was raised,» the message says.