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Financial police find no property of the Matraimovs abroad

The State Service for Combating Economic Crimes did not find real estate of the Matraimovs abroad. The head of the service Bakir Tairov said in an interview with Azattyk radio.

According to him, the inspection of the property of the former deputy head of the State Customs Service Raiymbek Matraimov is being completed.

«We started the check in early February. We created groups of experienced staff, sent requests, received a lot of documents. There are investigation deadlines that must be observed. For me, this is also a matter of principle. I think we will announce the results next week,» Bakir Tairov said.

The head of the financial police stressed that there was no pressure and interference during the inspection of the property of the former official. The brother of Raiymbek Matraimov, Islambek Matraimov, who worked in the financial police, was immediately suspended from work.

«Islambek Matraimov first took a leave without pay, then completely quit his job,» added Bakir Tairov.

According to him, during the inspection, the service did not find any property of the Matraimovs abroad. Bakir Tairov did not specify countries where the requests were sent.

The check was initiated following the instructions of the president after a journalist Elnura Alkanova asked Sooronbai Jeenbekov at a press conference if he knew where the Matraimovs’ wealth had come from and how legitimate it was.