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Electoral threshold for 2020 parliamentary elections to be 9 percent

Electoral threshold for 2020 parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan will be 9 percent as before. Members of the Committee on Constitutional Legislation, State Structure, Judicial, Legal Issues, and Regulations of the Parliament did not support the initiative to reduce it to five percent.

According to the deputy Iskhak Masaliev, such a threshold will lower the competitiveness of parties and may lead to the fact that only three political organizations will be represented in the Parliament.

However, his colleague Ainuru Altybaeva is sure that a nine percent threshold should be preserved. Then only large parties will come to the Parliament, which really enjoy support of the population.

Form No. 2, using which voters can vote on absentee ballots, was also preserved. Deputies also opposed it, noting that it may lead to falsification at counting of votes.