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Health Ministry of Kyrgyzstan presents new system of medical procurement

The Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan intends to conduct auctions for purchase of medicines and medical devices centrally. Health Minister of Kyrgyzstan Kosmosbek Cholponbaev said at a meeting with the Prime Minister on reforming the circulation of medicines and medical devices. Press service of the Cabinet of Ministers reported.

According to the official, the ministry has developed and approved the procedure and scheme for conducting centralized auctions.

We are preparing to conduct centralized bidding for 21 drugs and 75 kinds of medical devices for 119 health care organizations.

Kosmosbek Cholponbaev

«We have experience in conducting such auctions. So, centrally purchased services are hemodialysis, vaccines, immunosuppressants, insulin preparations, tuberculin and others,» he said.

According to the minister, as a result of centralized auctions, prices for medicines and medical products are expected to decline, the quality of purchased medicines will increase, and a transparent system of demand at healthcare organizations will be ensured.

As of today, health care organizations independently determine the need, draw up a public procurement plan within the allocated funds and carry out procurement. An audit showed the risks that exist in such an order. The prices put up for the competition by health care organizations differ two or more times for some types of drugs.

«Using the example of 17 types of medicines and medical devices, the results of the procurement by 60 healthcare organizations showed a significant difference between the minimum and average price of 46.6 million soms. Due to low qualifications of procurement specialists or their absence, competitions are conducted poorly, there is no competition due to the small volume of purchased medicines and medical devices,» the government stressed.