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UNDP servers in Finland hacked on pretext of assistance to Kyrgyzstan

A criminal case has been opened in Finland on the fact of embezzlement of money allegedly intended for assistance to Kyrgyzstan. Media reported.

Unknown scammers, having hacked the servers of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), on behalf of an international organization, sent a request to the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Finland for allocation of funds to develop the legal system in Kyrgyzstan. They managed to agree on the receipt of €400,000.

After officials became suspicious, the police arrested the accounts of the scammers. A part of the amount was returned to the Foreign Ministry, but €170,000 were stolen.

The Central Criminal Police of Finland believes that an organized crime group was involved in the fraud. There are already three suspects, whose names and citizenship are not voiced. However, they are only suspected of money laundering. The persons who should have received these funds has not yet been found.