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EU to ease requirements for obtaining Schengen visa by Kyrgyzstanis

«The European Union is preparing a new Visa Code, which should help eliminate some complex bureaucratic processes,» the EU Special Representative for Central Asia, Ambassador Peter Burian, told reporters today.

According to him, the European Union hopes that this will serve to enhance human contacts. But at the same time, the European Union doesn’t hide the fact that visa and non-visa issues are still sensitive for the EU in terms of illegal migration.

«Visa-free regime is important. We are pleased that Kyrgyzstan is so flexible in its approach to the issue. We also feel responsible for the access of your young people to travels to Europe. We discuss it within our negotiations on a new agreement. Communication between people is important for mutual understanding, understanding of our values. We would like to see how to facilitate visa relations and travels for young people, scientists, businessmen who want to go to Europe with good intentions,» Peter Burian summed up.