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Electronic prescriptions for medicines may appear in Kyrgyzstan by 2020

It is planned to introduce electronic prescriptions for medicines in Kyrgyzstan. Nurgul Adnaeva, an expert of the Social Development Department of the government’s executive office, told at a round table discussion.

According to her, the concept of creating a single database of drugs is being developed. It will allow to effectively deal with the black market of medicines and prescription of ineffective drugs.

«Today we cannot control the movement of medicines from customs to patients. We have different databases — the Ministry of Health, Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund, Tax and Customs services. The concept of their unification is now being developed,» she noted.

According to the expert, a single database will allow everyone to have access to complete information about medicines — from the country of origin to the price.

«A single codifier for medicines has been developed, purchases are being optimized on the public procurement portal. Until we assign a single codifier, it will not be possible to control the movement of each box. We recently could not monitor the availability of medicines in hospitals, at what price they were purchased, and more,» the official said.

Concept development is planned to be completed by 2020. The final step will be the introduction of electronic recipes.

«There will be a special mobile application, a doctor will send a prescription through it, and a patient will go with it to a pharmacy,» she said.