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Energy facilities of Kyrgyzstan to be inspected without notification

The State Committee of Industry, Energy and Subsoil Use offers to check energy facilities without prior notification.

Under the law on the Procedure for Conducting Inspections of Entrepreneurship Entities, objects with a high degree of risk are checked not more than once a year. The prescription is issued for a group of objects. But experts will not be able to check them within 15 days.

For example, Chui Enterprise of High-Voltage Electric Networks of the National Electric Networks of Kyrgyzstan OJSC includes 52 substations with a voltage of 110 kilovolts and more, multi-kilometer high-voltage air and cable lines with a total length of 1,630 kilometersб located throughout Chui region. Each object due to its complex technological arrangement must be subjected to thorough and high-quality inspection.

Preliminary notification of an upcoming inspection has a negative impact on environmental and technical safety. Being aware of the date of an inspection, the workers in advance create an imitation of compliance with environmental and technical safety standards.