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Parliament deputy speaks out for protection of craftspeople

Ainuru Altybaeva, a member of the Kyrgyz Parliament, spoke out for the protection of craftspeople and was preparing an appropriate bill. The deputy told 24.kg news agency.

According to her, craftspeople in Kyrgyzstan are disjoined, and it is impossible to accurately calculate their number. People engage in popular crafts mainly in the regions, and sell the finished products to sellers in Bishkek and Osh city. «I propose to create a kind of union of craftspeople in the country, so that their work could be organized and an assistance could be rendered to them,» Ainuru Altybaeva told.

For example, we can oblige Aiyl Bank to issue preferential loans with a minimum interest for the purchase of raw materials or equipment to those who make products from felt and other materials.

Ainuru Altybaeva

The deputy added that it would be possible to achieve other preferences for the craftspeople over time. For example, even now those who do handicrafts at home are exempt from VAT.