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Altynai Omurbekova: Number of crimes committed by minors doubled

Children must be taken away from the streets and conditions for their personal development should be created to reduce the number of crimes among the teenagers. The Deputy Prime Minister Altynai Omurbekova stated at a meeting of the Interdepartmental Coordination Council on Juvenile Justice under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Participants of the meeting noted that the social economic situation in the country and the moral factors had its impact on the teenage crime. Migration processes in the country have led to the fact that children remain in the care of relatives, and those due to old age or busyness are not always able to provide proper control.

Altynai Omurbekova noted that the number of crimes among the minors had doubled.

«This shows that there are shortcomings in the prevention work. The complex system of social rehabilitation and the practice of social support for minors in a difficult life situation and in conflict with the law are not sufficiently developed in the republic. We need to work out the issue of creating day centers for the provision of psychological assistance to adolescents in difficult life situations and in conflict with the law, as well as to develop a program to support their families. Children need to be removed from the streets, creating conditions for sports, music or dancing. Children should spend their leisure time with benefit for themselves and their development,» she said.

As the representatives of the law enforcement agencies noted, one of the most important factors in the growth of crimes against the minors was the divorce of parents, the degradation of the institution of the family.

For 6 months of 2018, teenagers have committed 955 crimes, 255 of them are schoolchildren. In the same period last year, this rate was 461 all over the country. During this period, the number of sexual crimes against minors increased from 61 to 70 cases. For six months of 2018, they have committed 40 suicides.