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Kyrgyzstan takes 36th place in Crime Index 2022

Kyrgyzstan is in the top 50 most criminal countries of the world. The crime rate index was published by Numbeo.

According to it, Kyrgyzstan takes the 36th place with an index of 55.88. Belarus takes the 32nd place with the index of 57.18.

The crime situation is slightly better in Kazakhstan. The country takes the 47th line out of 142 in the ranking of countries by crime rate for the first half of 2022 with the index of 53.04.

Russia and Armenia, which are also members of the EAEU, have a low crime rate. The Russian Federation takes the 94th place with the index of 39.32, and Armenia — 136th with the index of 27.75.

Uzbekistan also has a low crime rate: 104th place and index of 33.68.

The crime rate in the countries is calculated based on the assessment of the crime index, while the index from 0 to 19.99 means very low, from 20 to 39.99 — low, from 40 to 59.99 — moderate, from 60 to 79.99 — high, from 80 and above — very high crime rate.

Venezuela and Papua New Guinea with indices of 83.16 and 80.26, respectively, take the top 2 places in the ranking with a very high level of crime.

They are followed by Afghanistan (3rd place with the index of 78.19), South Africa (4th place with the index of 75.37) and Honduras (5th place and the index of 74.66).

The lowest crime rates are in Qatar (142nd place with the index of 14.15), the UAE (141st place and the index of 14.87) and Taiwan (140th place with the index of 16.15).