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Fuel price increase in Kyrgyzstan to continue in June

In June, prices for gasoline and diesel fuel will continue to grow. The Executive Director of the Association of Oil Traders of Kyrgyzstan, Ulan Kulov, told journalists.

According to him, the rise in price of petroleum products is associated with a sharp increase in selling prices at plants in Russia. In May, they grew by almost 10 percent. In June, prices for petrol and diesel are expected to increase by 2-3 percent.

The rise in selling prices affected the cost of petroleum products in Kyrgyzstan. Gasoline has risen in price by 2 soms. In June, prices will also rise.

Ulan Kulov

Since the beginning of the year, diesel fuel in Kyrgyzstan has risen in price by almost 4 soms, gasoline — by 2.

The government claims that the second factor in the increase in the cost of petroleum products was the overall growth of the world oil prices, which continues for the sixth consecutive week. Only in May, it made up 9-10 percent. For the first time in the past three and a half years, the oil price has exceeded $80 per barrel. This led to a significant increase in the cost of oil products in Europe.