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Most vulnerable groups in labor relations - women and children

Women and children are in a worse situation than men in the field of labor relations. Ombudsman Kubat Otorbaev stated this at the conference «Labor Sphere in Kyrgyzstan.»

According to him, pregnant women and working mothers are the most vulnerable in employment and labor relations.

«Most often they are limited in the enforcement of labor rights. The realities are such that all the hardships in the economy fall as a heavy burden primarily on women’s shoulders and the children,» the ombudsman said.

Exactly women become migrants, and children are forced, instead of getting education, to work in markets and fields. Difficult and dirty work goes to women. They have to do it with the maximum effort and minimal payment.

Kubat Otorbaev

«Heavy social and living conditions force children to leave school and get low-paid and dangerous work, which harms their health and morals. Child labor is most common in agriculture, services and trade,» he said.

The ombudsman told that Kyrgyzstan has ratified many conventions concerning child labor, discrimination against women and has taken certain commitments to respect the rights of children and women, unfortunately, violations of their rights are not uncommon.