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Procedure for submitting declaration by Kyrgyz officials to be changed

The procedure for submitting an income declaration by Kyrgyzstan’s officials will be changed. The Ministry of Economy submitted a draft resolution for public discussion.

By the decision of the Security Council dated February 8, the government was recommended to introduce a mechanism for verifying the data, specified in the declarations, by adopting by the declarants an obligation to disclose information that is secret one.

In this regard, the officials must give written notarized consent. Taking into account that employees will incur financial costs, a zero rate of the calculated rate will be set for them.

The declarations will be checked in case of a significant increase in incomes and expenses of officials and their relatives. In the course of the analysis, the State Tax Service can send a request to state bodies, local governments, commercial and non-profit organizations, a foreign state and citizens to obtain information about incomes.