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Mayor of Bishkek meets with transport operators

The mayor of Bishkek, Albek Ibraimov, met with the heads of associations and companies that carry passengers in the capital.

The press service of the Bishkek City Administration noted that in connection with the current situation with minibus drivers, the mayor of the city of Albek Ibraimov met with the heads of associations and transport operators of minibus routes.

During the meeting, reasons that led to the current situation were heard.

Albek Ibraimov noted that the city administration was ready for a constructive discussion of the existing issues of carriers, and first of all, the interests of citizens would be taken into account.

Albek Ibraimov also noted that in the current circumstances it is important for the parties to hear each other and ensure the implementation of the Law On Compulsory Insurance of Civil Liability of a Carrier to Passengers.

According to the press service, representatives of the companies agreed with the mayor and promised to conduct explanatory work among the drivers regarding insurance and the resumption of the work of minibuses in the near future.

This morning, minibuses in Bishkek did not serve their routes.

Later it became known that drivers of minibuses do not want to pay for insurance and demand to postpone its payment until May. They also demand to increase tariffs, reduce the amount of fines and get permission to turn from the second lane.