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One more family in Issyk-Kul district forces children to reclusion

One more family in Issyk-Kul district forbade children to attend school, go out and enjoy the benefits of civilization. The district prosecutor’s office informed 24.kg news agency.

Earlier, 24.kg news agency reported about a family in which the parents were members of an extremist organization Yakyn Inkar. The prosecutor’s office of the Issyk-Kul district initiated a criminal case against them. The case was sent to the court, and the accused await the verdict.

The district prosecutor’s office also opened a criminal case against 50-year-old M.M. and 34-year-old M.N. under the article «Failure to fulfill duties on upbringing of a minor.»

According to the supervisory body, social workers have found out that the parents in this family are also reclusive and forbid their children to contact anyone.

«Parents forbid them to read other literature, except for that is allowed by their religious movement. Children are not examined in medical institutions, doctors are not let into their house to examine them,» the prosecutor’s office of the Issyk-Kul district said.

The married couple are supporters of the extremist movement Yakyn Inkar. They deliberately deprive their eight-year-old and a ten-year-old children the right to get school education.

Prosecutor's office of Issyk-Kul district

The supervisory body noted that there were also facts of beating the children.

Because of the reclusive way of life, children lag behind in mental development, which is confirmed by the conclusion of a psychologist. This way of life and the ban on going to school lasts more than five years.

«The district prosecutor’s office asked to bring these parents to administrative responsibility. However, due to the fact that their ideology denies state institutions, there were no positive results. Later, the prosecutor’s office filed a lawsuit in court to oblige parents to properly perform their duties, in particular, to provide children with compulsory general education. The court granted the claim, but the parents did not execute the decision of the court, in connection with which a criminal case was initiated against them. Now the investigation of the criminal case is over, it was sent for consideration to the Issyk-Kul District Court,» the prosecutor’s office told.