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Kyrgyzstan has almost 8,000 tuberculosis patients

There are almost 8,000 people with tuberculosis in Kyrgyzstan. Director of the National Phthisiology Сenter Abdullaat Kadyrov told today at a parliament session.

According to him, 5,570 primary patients were detected in 2017, so, together with people with chronic TB, there were 7,795 patients. «There are 139 tuberculosis cases in prisons. Over the past ten years, there has been a steady decline in incidence and morbidity from this disease,» the head of the center said.

He noted that basically TB testing is done using saliva, and fluorography is made on grounds for high-risk individuals.

Amendments to the Law On protection of the population from tuberculosis are discussed at the session. «Article 11 prohibits the admission of persons who have not undergone X-ray fluorography examination to work. What kind of persons do you want to prohibit from working?» deputy Dastan Bekeshev said.

«Before start of the work, all persons must undergo the examination, including medical workers, food industry workers and others,» Abdullaat Kadyrov explained.