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Stolen in Russia cars were registered in Kyrgyzstan

Operations units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kyrgyzstan are investigating the facts of car theft and their illegal legalization. Press service of the ministry reported.

According to its data, a steady criminal group consisting of Russian citizens, including natives of Kyrgyzstan permanently residing in the Russian Federation, is engaged in car theft in Russia. They are engaged in manufacturing forged certificates of registration of vehicles for subsequent legalization of cars in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.

The stolen cars were illegally exported to Kazakhstan and then transported to the border with Kyrgyzstan. Further, with the assistance of certain interested employees of state bodies, vehicles illegally crossed the border and were directly transferred to a criminal group of Kyrgyz citizens.

In order to further legalize and register them in the registration bodies, the identification numbers of the engine frame, body (VIN) and engine were changed. Subsequently, with direct complicity of the workers of the Vehicle Registration Department and the Driving Staff of the State Registration Service, who, knowing about the falsification of documents, changes in the numbers of the body and engine, carried out the final registration of stolen vehicles.

It was reported that the illegal actions of the transnational criminal group were committed with the complicity of certain law enforcement officers, state registration services of all EEU countries.

In addition, there is information that stolen cars from Russia are delivered through Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to Tajikistan, where they are exchanged for narcotic drugs that illegally sent to Russia.

The investigation has already revealed 38 facts of illegal legalization of motor vehicles, criminal cases have been opened on all of these facts and an investigation has been carried out, investigation of three of them is over and they were sent to court.

19 persons were brought to criminal responsibility, two of them are officials (employees of the Vehicle Registration Department and the Driving Staff of the State Registration Service). With respect to 11 citizens, the court has taken preventive measures in the form of detention. Three more are wanted.

In the course of investigative measures, police officers seized more than 45 premium cars: Lexus, Toyota, Mercedes, Volkswagen.

More than 80 percent of the seized vehicles were with changed VIN codes, there are also several cars imported from Georgia.

There are also eight trucks, which have violations of customs legislation during registration. During the check of five of them, the guilty persons reimbursed the damage to the state in the amount of 7.6 million soms.

Investigative actions in criminal cases continue.