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VAT on import of poultry feeds proposed to be abolished in Kyrgyzstan

Farmers in Kyrgyzstan will be able to get subsidies from the state for poultry breeding. The draft resolution was submitted for public discussion.

In 2016, out of nine food supply security products, full self-sufficiency has been reached thanks to domestic production only on three traditional types of food. These are potatoes, vegetables and fruit, milk and dairy products.

Poultry meat is imported from third countries, only 2% of the country’s consumption is imported from the EEU countries. Kyrgyzstanis consume 94 percent of imported chicken meat. Domestic poultry farming is in critical condition.

It is planned to allocate 1.4 billion soms for the support of poultry farms.

The annual egg supply by own production on average in the republic is 46-56 percent. The large influx of eggs imported from Kazakhstan and Russia and their low dumping price led to the bankruptcy of local producers of this product.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food Industry and Land Reclamation proposes to abolish VAT on imports of feed, feed supplements, premixes for poultry farming, to allocate irrigated and unwatered lands at the request of poultry farms for the production of feeds.

In addition, poultry farms will be able to receive loans at 7-10 percent per annum for 3 years with the condition of reimbursement from the second year.