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Bill on refutations in social networks submitted to Parliament

Bill on publication of refutations in social networks was submitted to Parliament of Kyrgyzstan. Deputy Dastan Bekeshev suggests amendments to the Civil Code.

In his opinion, it is necessary to specify the form, order and way of refuting information defaming the honor, dignity and business reputation of a citizen, on the Internet, in newspapers and magazines, on television and radio.

«These norms will fully protect the non-material values of citizens. If the defamatory information is posted on the Web and the publication is available to an indefinite circle of people, then the refutation should be publicly available, that will not allow the disseminator of defamatory information to publish refutations and apologies with the status «for myself» or «for friends» that is used in social networks,» explained Dastan Bekeshev.

Refutation should be published on all Internet resources, which reprinted the information.

A minimum amount of compensation is also set: at least 200 calculated rates (20,000 soms), except for cases when a victim demands a smaller amount.

People in Kyrgyzstan have already been brought to legal responsibility for posts in social networks. In January 2017, the court ordered activist Mavlyan Askarbekov to pay 700 soms fine and write a refutation to his post on Facebook, where he accused the deputy Dastan Bekeshev of fraud in the Blind and Deaf Association.

Former bodyguard of Almazbek Atambayev Erkin Mambetaliev sued activist Adil Turdukulov for publication in the social network. The activist refused to pay ordered by the court 50,000 soms.

There were also proceedings between the State National Security Committee and Temirlan Ormukov. In the social network, he published poems mocking the former president of Kyrgyzstan.