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Civil Aviation Agency can’t withdraw Kyrgyzstan from ICAO blacklist

«There are no people in the Civil Aviation Agency who really see the picture, what should be done to withdraw Kyrgyzstan from the ICAO black list,» Prime Minister Sapar Isakov said today at an extraordinary meeting of the Business and Investment Development Council.

According to him, Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country. To enter the countries of Europe, the USA, the markets of China or other countries, one must go either by land, crossing the state borders of several countries, or by air.

«We don’t have access to the sea. The situation that has developed at the border with Kazakhstan has taught us a lesson so that we can review our actions and policies in this area. We need to focus on the air component. I instructed to quickly work out the issue of the fifth degree of freedom of the air. The government is already working. We face with the fact that, no offense to the head of the Civil Aviation Agency, but there are no people who really know how to do this, to make the right program to withdraw from ICAO black list. We need to attract experts, make an action plan that will help to move forward,» Sapar Isakov said.