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Kyrgyzstan hopes to withdraw airlines from EU blacklist in 2020

«We have a chance to withdraw Kyrgyz airlines from the blacklist of the European Union in 2020,» Almaz Biymurzaev, head of the Airworthiness Maintenance Department of the Civil Aviation Agency of Kyrgyzstan, said at a press conference.

According to him, work is currently underway in this direction. But the process is quite complicated. The Civil Aviation Agency is training personnel, agreements have been concluded with ICAO and EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) on training of inspectors.

«In order to withdraw from the EU blacklist, we made a request to ICAO last year to conduct a validation mission. In April 2019, ICAO has conducted the validation mission, the results of which were sent to EASA. This organization compiled a list of 29 questions in August, we sent them the answers. Recently, we received 12 more clarifying questions. By the New Year we will send answers to these questions and will wait for an answer from EASA. They will have to decide on withdrawal of our companies from the black list of the European Union. I am far from populism; we need to look at things realistically. We are close to getting out of this list,» Almaz Biymurzaev stressed.