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340,000 bottles of counterfeit alcohol found in Kyrgyzstan

340,000 bottles of counterfeit alcohol have been found in Kyrgyzstan. Press service of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Industry and Land Reclamation reported.

According to it, the violations were revealed during the planned inspection of the warehouses of Forester LLC by the employees of the Department for Regulation, Control over the Production and Turnover of Ethyl Alcohol, Alcoholic and Alcohol-Containing Products under the Ministry of Agriculture.

It was reported that 5,862 bottles had no certificates of conformity, 187 bottles of beer were expired, 5,048 bottles had no stickers in the state and official languages, 327,900 bottles did not have stickers translated into the official language and 1,413 bottles did not have stickers with translation into the state language.

Written warning was sent to eliminate the violations identified, and in case of failure to comply with the order within the established timeframe, the company may lose licenses for sale of products.