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List of vehicles that might be seized for needs of Defense Committee

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What vehicles might be seized for the needs of the Defense Committee? The document on approval of this list was put up for public discussion.

As Deputy Head of the Mobilization Department Nurlan Mambetseitov explained to 24.kg news agency, first of all, the vehicles of the state bodies will be used. But if necessary, then it will be citizens’ cars. «The state guarantees compensation for damage if something happens to the property. In peacetime, we almost do not seize vehicles. They will be registered. An agreement will be drawn up for the period of mobilization,» he explained.

An owner of the vehicle may refuse to transfer the property.

The following types of vehicles are subject to registration for military service:

Off-road cars with four-wheel drive:

-Off-road vehicles — all types and brands with engine capacity of 2,500 cubic centimeters and more;

— Passenger cars with a capacity of 7 passengers and more with left-hand drive;

-Lorries with carrying capacity from 1.5 tons and more;

Special cars:

— With installed special equipment;

— Truck tractors, trailers and semi-trailers, truck tractors with semi-trailers;

— Automobile body-vans.

— Tankers, auto fuel tankers with capacity from 1,500 liters and more;

  • Buses and minibuses with a capacity of 10 or more passengers;
  • Multi-axle heavy wheel tractors, tractor hauler;
  • Wheeled and caterpillar tractors, tractor’s trailers;
  • Special wheeled and crawler chassis;
  • Mobile maintenance, repair and evacuation means;
  • Road construction equipment of all types and brands;
  • Hoisting machinery and transport equipment (cranes on pneumatic wheel chassis, forklift trucks, tractor loaders, electric loaders, mobile conveyors);
  • Animal and pack transport (pack horses, carts from 4 to 7 years old, which underwent identification, carts, donkeys);
  • Transportable tanks and containers for the storage of combustive-lubricating materials and special liquids, refueling equipment, sets of spare parts and accessories, seats for the transportation of personnel, equipment for the transportation of the wounded and sick;
  • Ports, piers, airports, oil depots, fuel trans-shipment bases, gas stations, repair organizations;
  • Motorcycles, ATVs with a volume of 500 cubic centimeters and more (the year of production is not older than 10 years at the time of registration).

Vehicles intended for the Armed Forces and other military formations should be prepared in advance for carrying out mobilization tasks.

In peacetime, the registration of vehicles at the relevant military units is carried out. Handing of orders and drafting of contracts for the transfer of vehicles to owners is carried out with their consent only.