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New schools built in Bishkek, but they still overcrowded

Schools in Bishkek are overcrowded 2.5 times, despite the construction of new buildings. The head of the Bishkek Education Department Saule Meirmanova told 24.kg news agency.

According to her, this is connected with a stable birth rate and a high level of migration. «The population of the city is growing every year. People from the regions come to give their children a good education. And we are obliged to enroll all the children, we do not refuse anyone,» Saule Meirmanova told.

With a projected capacity of 75,000 students, 137,000 schoolchildren actually go to school, and 31,000 children attend kindergartens instead of 14,000.

In the new 2017/2018 school year, the capital’s schools expect about 18,000 first-graders.

In total, 95 schools will be opened in Bishkek, four new buildings will be launched (schools No. 25, in Ak-Ordo and Kalys-Ordo, as well as in Dzhal).