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Bolsunbek Kazakov: All state enterprises should work as joint-stock companies

«All state enterprises should work in the form of joint-stock companies," Bolsunbek Kazakov, Chairman of the Kyrgyz State Property Management Fund, said at a press conference today.

According to him, in general, the concept on optimizing the system of state property management has been approved by the Prime Minister, and now work is underway to introduce changes and additions to the legal acts. After preliminary study of the issue, it was found out that formally there are more than 1,000 state enterprises in Kyrgyzstan. But only 166 of them work, some of which have been transformed. As a result, there are 137 companies, but their number will be reduced.

More than a dozen state-owned enterprises are subject to transformation into a joint-stock company, about 20 — to liquidation, and four — to privatization.

«For example, Kyrgyzzhilkommunsoyuz was transformed into Kyrgyzteplokommunenergo. Previously, it had other 25 state-owned enterprises, which is a violation of the law. These companies have become branches. The same is about bus stations. There will be one main enterprise, and stations in the districts will become branches," Bolzunbek Kazakov said.

Issyk-Kul Shipping Company SE and Kyrgyzkomur will be merged into one company, which will be then privatized.

Bolsunbek Kazakov

«Much work is still needed to merge and transform SE. All decisions of the government are in the process of coordination with ministries and departments," he concluded.