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Duplicate public transport routes abandoned in Bishkek

Duplicate public transport routes are abandoned in Bishkek. Minibuses are replaced with medium and large capacity buses. Deputy Mayor of Bishkek Gennady Militsky informed 24.kg news agency.

«Recently we opened bus route No. 35, it duplicates route No. 113. In order to provide an interval of 4 minutes, 16 vehicles are enough. As of today, 40 minibuses are moving along this route, and during rush hours there are 50–60 of them. Therefore, this route has been closed since today," he told the day before.

According to Gennady Militsky, it is just the beginning: «We have talked about it long ago. And further, when the mayor’s office will buy buses, we will abandon minibuses.»

He told that the private drivers have been informed about it in advance. As for the alternative for them, the Vice Mayor said: «There are no minibuses for example on Leo Tolstoy Street. There are other free areas. Public Transport Department is in talks with the management of this firm. We need to calmly sit down at the negotiating table and resolve the issue.»

Note, the drivers have already expressed dissatisfaction with the closure of route No. 113.