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Committee ratifies agreements on protection of participants of legal proceedings

The Parliamentary Committee on the Rule of Law, Combating Crime and Counteracting Corruption ratified agreements on the protection of participants of legal proceedings.

According to the report of the Deputy Interior Minister Kursan Asanov, if a witness is sent abroad, the costs are incurred by the Kyrgyz side. And if a witness is hidden on the territory of Kyrgyzstan, the cost is incurred by the country concerned.

The basis for the creation of such a document is that, in modern conditions, participants of criminal legal proceedings are increasingly becoming objects of revenge or threats on the part of criminals.

As a result, witnesses, victims and other participants in criminal proceedings refuse their initial testimony, and the perpetrators evade criminal responsibility.

According to the Speaker, in these conditions, the state protection of participants in criminal proceedings from physical and psychological violence acquires particular urgency.

«Given that there are periodic problems on this issue at the level of CIS countries, and taking into account the specifics of this problem, this agreement was signed," the document says.

The Protocol establishes the procedure for reimbursement of costs associated with the implementation of protective measures by the competent authority of the requesting country party to the agreement, as well as the submission of reporting documents on costs.