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Surgeons from South Korea to perform free plastic surgeries in Kyrgyzstan

Plastic surgeons from South Korea will perform free plastic and reconstructive surgical operations for Kyrgyz citizens who can not pay for them.

Doctors of the non-profit organization JIOST have conducted more than 500 charitable operations in Jordan, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Laos, Indonesia, China, Myanmar, Vietnam, Madagascar and Mongolia for people with congenital anomalies of the fingers, harelip, cleft palate and post-burn injuries.

The General Director of the Korean consulting center Shin Kwang-Hii told about the charitable campaign of Korean doctors, who came to 24.kg news agency, accompanied by the Director of the Medical Center of the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Turat Kasymbekov.

— The operations will be performed by a group of doctors led by a famous plastic surgeon — Professor Kang Den Son. He is the Chairman of the Association of Plastic Surgery of South Korea. The group includes five — six doctors and the same number of their assistants. In general, a group of eleven people arrived in Kyrgyzstan. JIOST has been conducting similar charitable campaigns in different countries for 20 years already. This time I advised them to come to Kyrgyzstan.

— Who else, in addition to Professor Kang Den Son, is a member of the group of doctors? Please tell us about other specialists. Are these young doctors?

-They will come in no way to train here on your patients. All of them are professors and are quite famous in their country. On the contrary, they can share their experience with your doctors, because, as far as everyone knows, South Korea takes a leading position in the world in the field of plastic surgery.

— How many people will be operated?

-About thirty. If there is a need, the number of patients will be increased to forty. Our doctors are even ready to give up lunch to provide maximum assistance.

— How long will the Korean doctors stay in our country?

— They will begin operations on June 5, and on June 7, approximately before lunch, we plan to complete the operations. Program of our stay includes trip to Issyk-Kul Lake. But we have only one day for this. We will only have time to go there and back.

The Director of the Medical Center of the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Turat Kasymbekov answered the question about criteria of selection of patients:

— Children from regions and from needy families will be operated. Now doctors who work at the National Center for Maternity and Childhood Welfare already inform such patients.

Unfortunately, we faced with the fact that not everyone can come to Bishkek in advance. Part of the patients will come for consultations tomorrow. There are a lot of people who will arrive almost on the day of the operation.