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Kyrgyzstan lives beyond its means. It is dependent on external sources

«Officials are motivated to please management, and not to work effectively," former head of the Accounting Chamber Elmira Ibraimova said today at a round table «Economy: figures and reality.»

According to her, in the context of the impact of the crisis, budget spending should be more cautious. But by the end of 2016, the expenses of the state treasury have increased. At the same time, spending on public services for general purposes and defense increased significantly, but decreased for the social sphere.

«It is difficult to call system of expenses rational. The cost of road construction in Kyrgyzstan is higher than in the US and Europe. In the future, officials will continue to take money to solve their immediate political tasks, and our grandchildren will deal with the state debt. Inefficient use of resources for development is typical for Kyrgyzstan, economic growth is achieved through overestimated consumption. The country lives beyond its means. It depends on external sources," Elmira Ibraimova said.

«Development requires investment. But there are no internal opportunities, and there are no conditions for external ones. The main problem of the state is an inefficient system of state administration. They are appointed not by professional qualities, but by the principle of loyalty," Elmira Ibraimova said.