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SDPK demands 1 mln soms from 24.kg news agency

The party of power (SDPK) filed a lawsuit against 24.kg news agency, our journalist Tatyana Kudryavtseva and the director of the Institute of Public Analysis Rita Karasartova to Sverdlovskiy District Court of Bishkek on protection of business reputation and compensation for moral harm.

The reason was the publication «Regions of Kyrgyzstan showed teeth to party of power," published on February 8, 2017.

SPDK representative Taalay Usubaliev notes that «the article is devoted to some problems that arose in the election of candidates for the post of mayors of towns and heads of executive power in the regions of the republic." It is all right. However, the Social Democrats were insulted by Rita Karasartova’s statement: «They [SDPK- Note of 24.kg news agency] played too long with politics and sell posts right and left.»

According to Taalay Usubaliev and, obviously, the party itself, «this statement has nothing to do with reality, defames and undermines business reputation of claimant (SDPK) before the people of Kyrgyzstan and, above all, the party’s voters.»

The claimant demands to recover one million soms from 24.kg news agency and one million soms from Rita Karasartova and publish a refutation.

Previously, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Kyrgyzstan filed lawsuits against the colleagues from Azattyk and Zanoza.kg to protect honor and dignity of the President of Kyrgyzstan.