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Mortality of prisoners from diseases significantly decreases in Kyrgyzstan

Mortality of prisoners from diseases has significantly decreased in the prison colonies of Kyrgyzstan. The Chairman of the Penitentiary Service under the Ministry of Justice Askat Egemberdiev said at a briefing in Bishkek.

«I do not argue that we, like civil society, have problems with medical care in the prison colonies. But we are working to improve the situation. For clarity: 292 prisoners died of diseases in prisons in 2003, in 2005 — 244, in 2010 — 90 people, in 2015 — 84 prisoners, in 2020 — 51, 37 convicts died in 2021,» he said.

The Chairman of the Penitentiary Service noted that 13 medical and sanitary units, two health centers, two medical institutions operate in the penitentiary system, where about 60 convicts are treated. On average, up to 250 prisoners are treated in the sanitary units of the State Penitentiary Service.