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Kamchybek Tashiev about criminal pharmaceutical mafia

Acting Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers Akylbek Japarov answers the questions of the deputies of the Parliament today. Parliament is to approve the new composition of the Cabinet of Ministers.

During the meeting, the deputy Shailoobek Atazov asked the Chairman of the State Committee for National Security to fight against the pharmaceutical mafia in the country.

Kamchybek Tashiev responded that situation in the country is not the same as it was a year ago.

«You know, crime filled all spheres a year ago. There is a mafia in the south, and a different one in the north. There were attacks on officials and deputies. It is not the case now. If the leaders raise their heads, we will crush these heads,» the Chairman of the State Committee for National Security said.

As for the pharmaceutical mafia, Kamchybek Tashiev assured that the disclosure of crimes in this area and arrests will continue.

«This is a financial crime. The State Department of Provision of Medicines is not fulfilling its responsibilities, sucking the blood of the people. It turns out that the state is not fulfilling its functions. Instead of regulating the price of medicines and making them available, they intentionally increase the cost. They created an organized mafia. The State Committee for National Security established control over this mafia. For example, one pharmaceutical company draws up a contract with a plant, while the rest does not allow buying from them. We detained the employees of the State Department of Provision of Medicines, representatives of the pharmaceutical company. But there is more to come. There is a leadership, there is a leadership of the Ministry of Health. If they do not stop, we will reach them. The deputies and officials have their own pharmaceutical companies. For example, the sister of the ex-Minister of Health Kosmosbek Cholponbaev,» Kamchybek Tashiev said.

He promised that drug prices would drop in October.