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Bishkek hosts stylized national Kyrgyz dresses fashion show

Fashion show of stylized national dresses for women and men took place in Bishkek. Several designers presented their works — traditional Kyrgyz clothing adapted to modern realities. A mesmerizing open-air fashion show took place last Thursday on Erkindik Boulevard.

The event was timed to coincide with the 30th anniversary of Kyrgyzstan’s independence. According to the organizers, fashion shows are usually held in a closed format and only a select few are invited. However, the coronavirus pandemic forces to come up with new formats for holding such events.

«We decided to hold the event in a lively place so that fans of art exhibitions, as well as ordinary citizens, passers-by could attend it. We hope that representatives of other fashion houses in Kyrgyzstan will also follow our example and hold open-air shows,» Omurbek Andarbekov said.

In addition to professional models, ordinary women — mothers and elderly women, as well as people with disabilities participated in the fashion show.

The show presented clothes for women and men of all ages. In their works, the authors drew on Kyrgyz traditions, taking national ornaments, felt, silk and other components of the traditions of the Kyrgyz people as a basis.

The designers tried to prove that the national clothes of the Kyrgyz are on-trend and fashionable, they look good not only at holidays and celebrations, but can also be worn in everyday life. In addition, there are no age restrictions, it can be both elegant and business, stylish and youthful. It is impossible not to fall in love with these outfits.

Nurbek Kadyrkulov also demonstrated the NE ON clothing collection during the show. Previously, he won the jury at the EthnoModa festival in St. Petersburg. NE ON collection is Kadyrkulov’s graduation work. For the first time, outfits from this collection were presented in New York at International Fashion Digital Week 2020.

The townspeople liked the wonderful event and asked the organizers to hold similar open-air shows more often.