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Kyrgyzstan develops tool to track public procurement to combat COVID-19

A resource for tracking public procurement for combatting COVID-19 has been developed in Kyrgyzstan. The Alliance on Civic Initiatives Promotion informed 24.kg news agency.

It is noted that the tool is developed in the OCDS standard, which allows to structure and publish data on the entire cycle of public procurement, from planning to contract execution.

OCDS is a global data standard structured to represent the complete procurement cycle. The model allows partners from all over the world to publish machine-readable, structured data, supplement it with their information and create tools for analysis.

One of these tools is Open Contracting. It collects data on coronavirus purchases from several countries, including Kyrgyzstan. There is also Kyrgyz in the list of available languages ​​of the resource.

According to the representative of the Open Contracting Partnership Viktor Nestulia, the public procurement portal in the Kyrgyz Republic is gradually being improved.

«Yes, the system is not perfect. You can do some manipulation in publication of ads. There is still no full functionality for implementation of contracts, that is, we do not see when the acts were signed, when the payment was made. But there is more information and data available to the general public from day to day,» he said.